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We can do it all.

We can turn any old room into a breath of fresh air with a quality, lasting remodel. Need beautiful landscaping in your front or backyard? We’ll complete any hardscaping or landscaping project with integrity. Maybe you want a completely new construction? Hire the most honest, attentive contracting company in Virginia that will work alongside you to make that possible.

Our Services

General Construction

From the ground up. We offer construction services starting nominally at the foundation and ending as high as the last shingle on the top of the roof. We additionally can augment existing buildings, if that is what you are looking for. Do not just hire some contractor, hire the folks that will work late to accomplish the project on time and treat you as family.


Give your existing construction a face-lift. A remodel can contribute to your overall curb appeal, regardless whether the remodel is performed inside or outside the house. The appeal and lasting quality that results from our craftsmen handling your remodeling needs is second to none. Remember, a well-executed and quality remodel can boost your house’s value greatly.

Hardwood and Trim

Our hardwood and trim specialty services are aimed at achieving one thing. Beautifying your interiors. Everyone loves hardwood flooring, and a great trim installation can really dress up any room. The craftsmen at MVS Contracting have extensive experience installing, painting, and upgrading hardwood flooring and trim. Make the call if you want to really spice up your interior, whether it’s a residential or commercial space.

Property Maintenance

A well-kept property is one of the ultimate investments. Trust us to take care of your lawn, shrubbery, and trees. We can contribute outstanding landscaping and quality hardscaping integrations into existing and new properties. Rest assured knowing that you have hired the best there is to see through with the execution of your property maintenance needs.

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